7 Ways to 100% Guarantee You Win Valentines Day | Basic White Girl Edition


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Everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day in their own way, or at least they should. My dream V-Day date is to eat Block City Pizza with tons of garlic butter, a bottle of Pink Champagne and BINGE on Audrey Hepburn movies. (pay attention KB 💋)  I don’t need to go fight the crowds at the 5 star restaurant or stand in line to see the new 50 Shades movie (although I definitely will be watching it eventually 🤤) to feel the love. But every girl deserves a great GIFT to make sure she knows you love her. Here are 7 gifts I GUARANTEE will make your girl brag away on social media if your girl is anything like me. [basic af] 

1.)Name Necklace 

Any good basic girl either already has one of these or wants one. Why? Because we all wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw growing up, that’s why. We all related to her guy troubles and vowed to someday manage to have her fashion sense and maybe even her collection of shoes. And of course, our name on a necklace. You can find one on amazon HERE



Candles are definitely having a moment. Pretty much everyone makes a candle now, even if you’ve never had candles as a part of your brand. I’m more of an essential oils girl myself but I do love me a good bougie candle. I personally love Diptyque and Joe Malone. They both are pricey, but considering how much men pay for flowers that will die in 72 hours, it’s not that bad. I have tried several of the Diptique and my favorite is Roses (literally smells like you’re in a rose garden) & Feu de Bois (warm and cozy). I haven’t purchased a Joe Malone but they all smell wonderful, I loved the Basil and Neroli so I will definitely be getting one soon. If you still can’t wrap your head around a candle costing this much, Yankee now offers personalization where you can get a picture put on the candle of your choice! Pretty damn cool. Get it HERE.

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3.) Small Luxury Accessories:

Yes we love the labels. Louis, Chanel, YSL, ect… but holy balls this stuff is expensive!!!! BUT, you can still get your girl a little piece of pricey heaven for a lot less than you may think! Card holders and key chains are a great way to get something from a designer other than a full blown bag. I LOVE Louis Vuitton. I got this card holder/ keychain last year and I literally use it every single day. It’s durable and useable and it’s under $200. Boom. You just won Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome. Find it HERE  .



Here are some other brands who offer pretty much the same type deal

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4.) Monogrammed Phone Case

You can pretty much monogram anything these days, which normally I freaking hate but I saw a chick on IG with one and I actually loved it so I ordered my own – I got it from ETSY so I haven’t gotten it yet but it’s on its’ way.  I ordered from THIS Etsy Store. Essentially it will looks like this one👇🏻


5.) Starbucks Gift Card

I mean I feel like this is obvious…. get here a rose gold tumbler and put a $20 gift card in it. Happy GF.

P.S. Those rose gold tumblers are actually really hard to find because they were limited edition so if you really want to get your girl excited you can find one HERE .51RcOz68ihL._SL1044_

6.) Bath Bombs :

Run her a bath, cook her dinner, give her a big bag of bath bombs and candy! WIN!

7.)  The Coup De Grâce – The Big Guns, The Little Blue Box

All the guys reading this just laughed. But Tiffany has some budget friendly gifts!!! So PAY ATTENTION!! She really just wants the little BLUE box guys, so what’s in it is going to be a win I promise. Here are some cute gifts that won’t make you want to vomit when you go to pay for it.

The Double Heart Necklace : $125 HERE

NEW!! Return to Tiffany Splash Necklace : $150 HERE

Love & Arrow Earrings :  $225 HERE

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