NYE Plans, Outfit Ideas, and Why I’ll Probably Be Fighting Sleep Before the Party Even Begins.


So Christmas is over. I am a little sad but, it was one of the best ones I’ve had in many years because Miracle of Miracles…. I WAS OFF WORK!!! The hospital was blessed with empty rooms! No Christmas Babies at Mckenzie Regional. At least for the few hours I was scheduled to work. The best thing about Christmas being over is the AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES!!! Here are just a few of the things I’m thinking you should consider with that Christmas Cash $$$$. If you don’t already, make sure you go FOLLOW me on Instagram @neishalovesit for more fashion, travel and interior pics.



I love getting dolled up for NYE, this year I’ll be starting the New Year with some of my best friends and I’m so excited. I’ve never been able to do New Years right. In my 20’s it always ended in someone throwing up or getting thrown out ! So maybe this year we can keep it together. We are adults and all that. But….what is probably more likely is that my friends and I are old ladies and we will be yawning by 8:30 and wondering why we thought a party was a good idea and,”Do you think we can sneak out to the car and take a nap?” Embarrassing but hilarious.  How did this happen? How did we turn into those girls who want to stay home in our pj’s and snugly socks with a glass of cheap wine and a Netflix marathon? I don’t even have the excuse of a toddler like they do. I’m just tired! Whatever. I’m owning it. At least I still wear heels and dress up. I haven’t completely given up the fight. My redbottoms aren’t staying on the shelf. Those babies will be on my feet till I’m 80.

Here are a few dresses that are 50% OFF right now, making them ALL LESS THAN $100!  I’m definitely considering one of these for NYE. I also listed some overpriced but beautiful shoes 👠  and some dupes under $75 that still look glam AF.







I’m my opinion, the shoe is what makes an outfit. It pulls the whole look together and can make you feel like a Queen, or if you have on the wrong shoe it can ruin your night. Never try to force your foot into a shoe it doesn’t like. That can happen in heels, flats, and even running shoes. A good fit is very important. A good trick I use is to get the bigger size if one shoe is too snug and then putting tissue in the toe of them. Works like a charm and I’m not miserable all night.  Here are some beauties from the pricey labels, to ones less that $50.








Now you need a bag to go with that cute outfit! I like to carry a small clutch when I’m at parties so I don’t look like I’m going on a trip. Here are some cute ideas from High End to Dupes 🤗



Now, your look is complete. Have fun sipping Champagne with your girls and kissing your beau at Cinderellas least favorite time of the day.


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