Journey to Baby Berry | IVF + KETO Vol. 2

Journey to Baby Berry | IVF + KETO  Vol. 2

I have never been the girl who wanted to be a mom. You know those girls, the ones that feel like motherhood is what they were born to do. It was never on the top of my to do lists, or even in the forefront of my mind! But, I think that’s because I had never found someone that met any of my criteria for making another human. I had always thought most people don’t take making a baby as seriously as they should. People put more thought and planning into buying a car or a house with someone. Having a child with someone is a LIFETIME CONTRACT!!!! I mean, you literally will be looking at a 50% replica of someone who you could potentially loathe. Lots of people loathe their baby momma or baby daddy. I’ve seen it first hand. I on the other hand have always put a lot of thought into binding myself to another person in probably the most permanent way possible. I finally found someone who I could do this with in Ken and so that really changed the game for me. Ken and I aren’t just married, we are literally best friends. We are best friends before we are anything else! I think that’s why we don’t fight. ( I’m not saying we are perfect but fighting over the fact that he won’t stop putting his shoes on the furniture isn’t really fighting ) So when we got married, we began trying to have a baby right off the bat. I have never been one of those people who get to do things the easy way, so when we didn’t get pregnant immediately, I wasn’t really shocked. My grandparents had to try for 10 years to have my mom and one of my cousins had also had problems getting pregnant. I wasn’t devastated or even sad, I was just ready to do what needed to be done in order to get what I wanted. So there is where our journey started with infertility.

Like I said, Ken and I have been trying for a baby since we got married 3 years ago. We tried for a year as is customary before going to see a specialist. It was at this time that I was diagnosed with “unexplained infertility “and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. For those of us who are having fertility issues it is commonly PCOS, or thyroid issues that are the root cause. It was at this time that I also started the KETO diet, hoping it would help us on the journey to baby. While keto brought down my antibodies SUBSTANTIALLY, it did not help us conceive. We did a few rounds of IUI that were unsuccessful, after doing those we decided to try again on our own for a year while eating a clean ketogenic diet as well as doing acupuncture. I saw many benefits but no pregnancy. Keto helps with PCOS infertility much more than thyroid apparently. However, I am now the healthiest I have ever been and in a great place to undergo this hard process of IVF, which brings us to October of 2018 and our first round of IVF.

The above picture is only part of the medications that I was put on. I started my injections on October 23 after having my first appointment of many to monitor my ovaries and the progression of follicle stimulation. These follicles would hopefully produce a good amount of healthy eggs. I started with one injection a day and immediately felt the effects. I  LITERALLY cried every day for the first 3 days. Oh the joys of hormones. I drove the hour and fifteen minute drive to Nashville every other day to have labs drawn and an internal ultrasound to view my ovaries and to count and measure the follicles.  On that Sunday Oct 28, they started me on 2 more injections for a grand total of 3 injections a day. I was also taking many supplements including Vitamin D3 5000 IU, folate, coq10, Prenatal Vitamins, DHEA, along with dexamethasone, and an antibiotic. Finally on November 2 @ 1 AM (yes, 1 am) I was given the ok to pull the “trigger” which is a shot that promotes ovulation. I was then scheduled to have my egg retrieval on Nov 3rd.

We got up that morning very excited, but also nervous. They go in with a very long needle to take out the eggs… kind of scary but I had heard it was no big deal and I would be put to sleep and only have mild period type cramps after so I wasn’t too worried.

I woke up in recovery with Ken at my side, and felt ok for about 10 minutes. They told us they had recovered 8 eggs, which was a lower number than expected but still good. We would find out how many fertilized the following morning. And then the pain began. I’d like to think of myself as a pretty tough cookie, but I had tears rolling down my face from the pain. I had apparently had some bleeding during the procedure and that was what was causing me pain. They gave me more pain meds and it helped for a while, then I almost fainted when they got me up to go to the bathroom because my blood pressure was low. I finally stabilized enough for them to send me home. I felt like a bag of t-total shit. I was nauseous and still in pain. I woke up that night in tears again and thought I was going to have to be taken to the ER.  I finally had some relief the next day but was still so uncomfortable I couldn’t stand to be touched. Now… this is not typical!! So if you are going to go through this please don’t get scared ! I am not trying to freak anyone out. I just want to make sure that my story is out there. There is a risk for this type of thing to happen when you go sticking needles inside your body. The doctor and nurses did everything they were supposed to do and took amazing care of me. I am just one of those people who, like I said earlier, don’t get to do anything the easy way. Honestly I wasn’t surprised at all that I had complications. The next morning we found out that 6 eggs had fertilized!!! That was a great number! Knowing we could potentially have 6 eggs made all the pain worth it. These 6 eggs will sit in an incubator until Friday Nov 9. On this day the embryologist will call and let us know how many have made it to the blastocyst stage. Usually it’s 50% of your beginning number. Of the ones that make it, those will then be tested to make sure they are good quality which will increase the chance of my carrying to full term and reduce risk of miscarriage.

The next day I was so bloated… I had a little bloating before because of the hormones but after!! Ugh, I was in sweat pants for the next 3 days. I am writing this on Wednesday (4 days after the egg retrieval ) and I am finally so much better. Up until yesterday I was still very bloated and very uncomfortable. As I mentioned, we are now in the waiting game to see how many of the fertilized eggs turn into blastocysts! This will be how many eggs we have to option to freeze and make sure that they are quality eggs for implantation. We will start more meds in the next few weeks… and then hopefully, we will be able to share some very exciting and happy news.

I hope you all enjoy sharing this journey with me and will continue to send all your thoughts and prayers to us and our eggs as the weeks progress. I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to our Patrons and Facebook supporters. You gave me the power to be able to work from home which is making this process 100 times easier on us. I don’t know how to thank you all for your support. But if we are successful in this pregnancy, you can know that you absolutely had a hand in the process by cutting our stress down by 100 folds. You are loved and we thank God for you every night and ask his blessings for you all.

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