Beauty Queens and Blue Ribbon Hams

Beauty Queens and Blue Ribbon Hams


This time of year all the folks in my county get to have something to do other than sit at home and watch Netflix or go to a football game. IT’S THE COUNTY FAIR!! Yea, it sounds lame to the fancy people, but I never get sick of the smell of deep fried Oreo’s and Freeze It hairspray. While most Mondays are LAME, the Monday of fair week is my favorite!  Pageant day! Most of the time one of my step-daughters can be seen winning the crown but not this year. This year you can find her with knotted hair, Nike shorts and a two times too big t-shirt on. She’s so glam.  Even though my own doll didn’t grace the stage this year, I still enjoyed watching.  I love seeing all the different styles of gowns and watching these girls that were just babies look like 25 year old super models. I did NOT look like that at 14. My bangs were in the in-between stages of growing out, my foundation came from an all in one kit that I had gotten as a gift and was totally the wrong shade and my eye-shadow was sparkly blue. I had zero fashion sense. The closest thing to a label that I owned  was an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt my cousin had bought me for Christmas. Next to these beautiful girls are the prize winning pigs and probably some blue ribbon chickens, but the most important part of this whole week is THE FOOD!


Disgustingly unhealthy, deep fried and covered in sugar fair food. Apples dipped in bright red candy, or covered in sweet rich caramel. Fried cakes sprinkled with snow white sugar and dripping grease all over!!! Who can resist? It’s no place for someone on a diet. But, even this week my keto eating, paleo caveman, Doctor of a husband tells all his patients that “Fair food calories don’t count” (follow him on instagram Today is the last day of the fair and also Camden Football’s Homecoming game so I think tonight will be a slow night at the fair as the people of Camden support their boys of Fall. That’s how we roll in the South, football Jesus and Sweet Tea… and maybe I’ll smuggle in a funnel cake or 2.



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