What to Get on Black Friday | Fashion Edition

What to Get on Black Friday | Fashion Edition

Can you believe it? It’s almost Christmas!!! I am so freaking excited I just can’t stand it. I put my decorations up the first week of November. Ain’t no shame in my Buddy the Elf game.  Along with Christmas comes Black Friday, it can be a daunting task to figure out what you need to get and where to look. That’s what I am here for!! I don’t actually go out on Black Friday, it’s too people-y out there. But, I do shop online and although there is “cyber Monday”, more and more there are tons of online deals on Friday as well. So sit down in the comfort of your home, put on some Bing Crosby and shop with as little stress as possible. I will be doing these blog posts in sections. I will have a FASHION, KETO, HOME, ELECTRONICS, LUXURY, & BEAUTY post with all my tops picks for things you should get on Black Friday/ Cyber Monday.  Now lets get into the first one, FASHION.


I get tons of crap about buying these leggings because they are expensive. Yes, they are but they go on SALE several times a year including Black Friday. I own exactly 2 pair of leggings and they are both from Spanx. I get soooo much wear out of these. Not only are they leggings but they are SHAPE WEAR!!! Which means it puts all your least favorite parts of your body back where they belong. Tight ass, flat tummy and smooth thighs are priceless. You’d think by being able to do all that they would be incredibly uncomfortable but they aren’t. I have slept in these many times. They are also versatile. You can dress them up or work out in them, they are breathable and very forgiving. Looking great with tunics and heels or comfy hoodies and t-shirt and Converse. BONUS : they act as compression stockings which is great for travel. Anytime we are going to be on a flight for longer than 2 hours I wear these. Much cuter than stockings as well.

This fleece pullover trend is so popular, and kind of expensive unless you were one of the lucky few who got the Walmart version before it sold out. Some people call the jackets teddybear coats because they are so snuggly. They go great with jeans and the pullovers go great with Spanx leggings lol. Either way it’s much better to find these on sale rather than paying full price. These are great teen gifts as well as anyone who enjoys wearing comfy clothes.

                            BOOTS.They are, arguably, the most important fall/winter piece in your closet. I personally love over the knee boots more than life. If you are like me then you have probably had your fair share of crappy versions that constantly fall down your leg. If I had to do it over again I would have saved my money for a year when I was young and invested in a pair of Stuart Weitzmans long ago. But as it is, I have only just recently gotten a pair. They were 40% off so I did pretty good. I am sure these will have some sort of discount around Black Friday. They come in a flat version and a heeled version. I prefer a heel but the flats look gorgeous as well.

Along with over the knee boots I really love these Sam Edelman boots that aren’t as dramatic but still gorgeous and go well with jeans, or sweater dresses. Not only are they beautiful but they are also comfortable. I am hoping these go on Sale but if not there are several other styles that are very similar to these.


These get their own category because they stand alone. As the air turns cold and the risk of snow come – you need rubber boots. These stand the test of time and actually look cute with full on outfits. You should definitely think of investing in these and a pair of the Hunter Socks to go with the to add some extra warmth.

Find them online at Nordstrom HERE


And the socks HERE


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