Chanel Bag Dupe |Amazon Fashion

Chanel Bag Dupe |Amazon Fashion


Don’t get me wrong, I love luxury fashion. But, most people either don’t want to drop 5k on a bag, or just can’t. I saved up and hit MANY goals in order to purchase my first and probably only Chanel bag. It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to style it! However, I know many of my readers would enjoy this style of bag and the outfits they can wear with it. So I set out to find a great dupe that anyone can buy and wear. You can find it on amazon HERE . It has plenty of space inside as well as looking great with casual outfits and obviously you could dress it up.



The real Chanel bag even if it’s used, will cost you over $3,000. Yes, that’s a lot of money. And if that’s not something you LOVE like I LOVE it, then this bag from amazon is just right for you!


Yes. That’s right. $32. What??? I mean I am probably going to use this bag pretty frequently for lots of Pinterest and YouTube fashion videos as well as my REAL Chanel bag. Which I guess is blasphemy but… it’s cute.


Hope you guys enjoyed this look for less post! If you did let me know and I will do more! Thanks for readying! Make sure to follow me on Instagram Facebook and YouTube… and Pinterest!

Love You, Mean It!


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