Dear Mom’s [& Fellow Women]

Dear Mom’s [& Fellow Women]

Dear Mom’s

PLEASE don’t compare your story to mine. Or anyone’s for that matter. We are all on completely different paths. Every single one of us. Wether you’re comparing and feeling bad about yourself or comparing in a mean way thinking my story is fake, or inexperienced, or shallow. Both are completely messed up. Why are you comparing at all!? Stop reading someone’s story and putting that on yourself in any negative way. If you don’t get anything from my story I’m sorry, truly. But I hope that you see that most bloggers or even just moms on Facebook, we are just sharing our stories. Our ups and downs, our success and failures. That’s exactly the same as you telling your friends YOUR story. I feel like Social media could be used as an extension of the village we use to have. Having 100s of other women lift you up in times of trouble and celebrate you in times of success. If you aren’t doing that then you should step away from the keyboard. For those who say that putting yourself on social media opens you up to people being cruel for no reason… that is like saying that by walking out the door I should just accept that I might be punched in the face by a complete stranger – and that actually happening everyday. It’s ridiculous to have different rules for being KIND because you are on Facebook or whatever platform.

I hope kindness is his #1 trait.

I am lucky enough to be able to be a stay at home mom… (yes I vlog and blog but I don’t HAVE to ) and that’s something I NEVER wanted to be. Like ever. But here I am, loving it. For anyone to say I’m not working… is especially unsettling coming from the females out there in Cyber world. I didn’t quit my job to be a trophy wife (although I don’t see anything wrong with that either. Do you sister). I quit to go through IVF and give our embryo the best chance at survival. Seems like it was the right idea because he’s in my arms at this very moment. [I’ve learned to multitask like I never knew I could. ] I’m not a retired nurse. I am a NURSE. Last time I checked no one was sending me a check for being retired. Moms take time off to raise babies and go back to work all the time. You think push presents are stupid? I think you deserve a lifetime of push presents from your husband. And they don’t have to be superficial, in fact I hope they aren’t. But if you want a trip to Fiji, girl you deserve that too.

Dear Mom’s, are you doing the best you can? Then no ones story is better than yours. All boats rise together! Let me say that again. ALL BOATS RISE TOGETHER!!!! You don’t have to say mean things to lift your boat up. That puts a hole in your boat. It doesn’t effect mine whatsoever. When I share my story I hope you see that struggles have been my entire life and I am a JUST NOW seeing the Sun. I have been in the dark the majority of my life. Nothing has EVER come easy for me and if it looks that way to you, it’s because you must have just got here. So, fellow females, I know this post probably won’t change the world…but maybe it will change your world. You are beautiful and strong. You are smart and incredibly powerful. You are WOMAN!

This gorgeous baby got here one of the hardest ways possible. I had to go after him. I had to go through IVF. And after doing that I pushed to hold him for 5 hours before having him ripped from me with forceps leaving me torn from front to back and leaving his beautiful face bruised from trauma… and that’s only one of my stories.

To those who want to be a mom more than anything and STILL don’t have those 2 pink lines… the path you are walking is harder than most and I don’t know if you will ever get what you want. But don’t give up. And you especially shouldn’t compare. People all around me had babies without having to do anything expect enjoy their partner. But I never saw anything but my path because everyday I woke up and found something positive about my life to focus on. Was everyday great? Hell no, but I was ok and I never begrudged a friend or family member for having something wonderful in their life. Some of my best friends DON’T even want kids. They show me nothing but love for something they know brings me joy. You don’t have to agree with people to be happy for them… I just feel like this entire year has shown me so many peoples true colors. Down to December 31st I am sure they will continue to surprise me with negativity where there should be support. Take your path and enjoy it. Shower others with love for their path. And if you can’t do that… well then bless your heart.

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