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Gucci is having a moment. Not like they haven’t been around forever but you can’t really scroll through instagram without seeing those GG belts now can you ? No. And while some may say that I am bougie 🥂 I am still one to save a buck especially when it comes to “trends”. What is in today may be out in just a few months so thats where I draw the proverbial line. If its over $100 and its gonna be out of style eventually I am NOT buying it. Belt trends may come and go but Louis’ and Redbottoms are forever. Lets get into it.

the belt.

YES, this belt is the all or nothing of accessories right now, but who wants to spend that much money on a freggin belt. Not me. So here is the Express version that I bought. I get tons of compliments on it and all for a slick $40.

the trainers.

I am a lover of the Bumble Bee🐝 , put a bee on it and I’m gonna buy it. Except when it comes to these trainers. I will admit, there was a moment when I almost hit the add to cart button…. but I didn’t. For 620 reason. Plus I found 👉🏻👉🏻 THESE Literally like the same shoe. FOR ONLY $40. I ordered mine today.


red bag.

Personally im not a fan of this bag but loads of people are. Here is one for $18.


The Cutest Shoes Ever :

I legit had these in my cart for a month because I loved them so much until I found THESE for only $75. I love these shoes they are super comfy and they are on trend with the velvet texture and burgundy color along with the saving of the $$$Dolla Bills$$$

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