How to Keto During Pregnancy | Tips & Tricks

How to Keto During Pregnancy | Tips & Tricks


Can you do keto while you are pregnant? A question we get asked all the time. I hope you find some answers and helpful tips to keep you successful during this awesome but stressful time in your life.


First of all, this is not a discussion about whether or not keto is safe during pregnancy. If you don’t think it is safe, then I guess I’m putting my child at risk before it’s born, after going through IVF to even get pregnant after years of trying….oh wait. That’s stupid right? Right. If it wasn’t safe, I wouldn’t be doing it. My midwife, IVF Doctor and my OBGYN are totally OK with me doing this so if you’re here to say something stupid… just save it. Also, although I am a senior RN and a former L&D nurse NONE OF THIS IS MEDICAL ADVICE. Duh.

OK, on to fun stuff!!! Everything I talk about on this blog is all stuff I have personally tried and used successfully. I hope it will help you too, but there are no guarantees. All pregnancies are so different and there is no way to know how each of us will react. Also remember if you weren’t keto before pregnancy it will be much harder to transition into it now. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Even though I was keto/carnivore prior to pregnancy I still struggled! Especially in the FIRST TRIMESTER!

You can listen to my lecture on the LOW CARB CRUISE here via the LivinLaVidaLowCarb Podcast :



Getting your protein in is soooooo important! But if you are like me, meat is the last thing you want to talk about while in the first trimester of pregnancy. I had extreme meat aversions and was unable to even look at, smell or talk about meat. This was so hard for me because it had become the foundation of my diet. So how did I get in my protein??


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Nutrition for v2.1 Salted Caramel shown above . See the Change Log for a complete list of changes to the recipe.

These shakes were a life-saver when I had a sweet craving plus they gave me protein in a form I could tolerate. So many flavors! They even have savory flavors which is pretty freakin cool. You can order here : and use the promo code DRBERRY10 for 10% off your order. I strongly recommend getting some fasting or electrolyte drops as well. You will see that your body needs them even more during your entire pregnancy, but ESPECIALLY if you are having lots of nausea and vomiting. 

Books :


I highly recommend reading both of these books! While I don’t agree with 100% of what they say nutrition wise, the basic concepts are very important. I followed Keto/Carnivore prior to pregnancy as well as trying my best to stay that way throughout this pregnancy

It Starts With The Egg :

Real Food for Pregnancy :

Click Here to Buy On Amazon
Click here to buy on Amazon


Here is where we all get a little off. Just how low can you go safely? Well, it seems as low as you WANT to. There are several women who have done carnivore (almost zero carbs) during pregnancy and done extremely well. Babies were very healthy and moms were too. Now, wether or not you are able to tolerate this low carb level and not feel like you’re going to die is completely personal. Being low carb/ keto while pregnant is NOT the same as doing it while not pregnant. Not because it’s unsafe, or you somehow turn into a different kind of human, but because it’s just harder. Aversions and cravings tend to be much stronger. Here are a few things that helped me stay as low carb as possible.

Fat Snax :

These cookies kept me from going insane. There are several flavors, I prefer the chocolate chip and the double chocolate chip which really tastes more like a brownie. I would make my own soft serve ice cream and break these up in there…instant brownie blast. But, sooo much better for you. Mind you, these still have several carbs but they are much better than the alternative, right? RIGHT Momma! You are doing the best you can right now. It’s hard and don’t let anyone tell you differently, especially someone who has NEVER tried to do this while being pregnant. Get them on amazon :

I use a kitchen aide ice cream maker but you can use whatever you like just follow the directions for your ice cream maker.

Do you miss bread? Don’t we all. These are by far THE ONLY truly keto bread alternative you can buy. Made super fresh so make sure you put them in the freezer when you get them so they don’t mold. These croutons saved my life when I wanted something crunchy and carbalicous. The bagels crisp up PERFECTLY and she has EVERYTHING Bagel flavor. Yep. You are freakin welcome. Along with that she has buns and mini rolls. So do yourself a favor and go get some. Promo code NEISHALOVESIT for 15% till the end of Sept 2019. RUN. Click HERE to purchase :


Keto Chicken Nuggets from yours truly, you can watch the video below to make your own. Feel free to soak the chicken in pickle juice overnight and add some swerve to the batter for that Chick-Fil-A type taste.

Supplements :

In pregnancy, it can be argued that you can get everything you need from food and there is no need for supplements… I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the energy to keep up with if I met my live vitamins/minerals for the week,or if I even felt like eating it. Ya feel me? I thought so. These are the supplements that I have taken throughout my pregnancy. Obviously make sure you tell your doctor before you start any of these.

You can click on the pictures below to purchase any of the supplements.


When it comes to getting your fat in during pregnancy, I recommend getting it from animal sources. I prefer butter, lard, and bacon grease over olive oil and avocado oil while cooking. I still can’t stand beef tallow but it’s great if you can tolerate it. I try to cook everything I eat in a quality fat. Fat bombs are a great way to get fat in, and curb cravings when you need something sweet. Fat and protein are the most important parts of you diet during pregnancy. Babies brains are thriving on those two essential macros while in utero. Give them as much as you can.


In the last few weeks of the second trimester and into the third I had horrible muscle cramps in the middle of the night, as well as horrible Braxton Hicks contractions. Taking magnesium made them GO AWAY. Completely. There are several options for getting your magnesium in, I can’t stomach the pure ones like Mega-Mag : so I had to find an alternative.

Instead, I have been using CALM : which is sweetened with stevia . It tastes pretty good, and has made pregnancy life so much better. I take it at night because it also helps me get a better nights sleep. Make sure you don’t take too much or you will have disaster pants!

Thank you all so much for reading! I hope that you found these tips helpful for you or a loved one. Make sure you share on Facebook, you never know who may be looking for more information about how to keto while pregnant.


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