Journey to Baby Berry | IVF Vol. 1

Journey to Baby Berry | IVF Vol. 1

We have decided to actually go full force into IVF. We have been going to the Nashville Fertility Center for 2 years. So far we have done 3 IUI’s and acupuncture with no results with several breaks in between. Timing wasn’t quite right and financially we wanted to have as little stress as possible. We have been very blessed to be able to allow me to be able to work from home at this time, making it the optimal time to start IVF.

The first step was going to IVF class.  We learned about the process which was helpful. The nurse who taught the class was so wonderful, she taught the class how to give shots. DH (dear husband) and I are in healthcare, he is a doctor and I am a nurse so it was something we already knew how to do but she was a great teacher for the others in the class.  We also found out I will be needing to go to Nashville quiet frequently during my stim cycle ( when I am on hormones to produce eggs). I will be going to have labs drawn and multiple ultrasounds to make sure we are able to retrieve as many eggs as possible when they are mature and ready. YAY!!!

We got great news from out IVF nurse that the Dr. has recommend a no pill start for me which means I don’t have to wait to start my meds…. except we will be on a cruise the week my cycle is set to start so I will in deed have to wait after all. It’s ok though, I have waited this long, whats a few more weeks? Oh that’s right, IT’S AN ETERNITY!!! Just kidding, kind of. So here I am, just waiting and hoping my period comes early lol – never wanted that before!! Come on Aunt Flo!!!

Also I bought a belly band because apparently when you make a lot of eggs you bloat and look 6 months pregnant…. fun. This is the one I got :

Wishing you baby dust if you are reading this and are going through IVF.

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