This can be made carnivore, ketovore, or just straight up keto if you wish. Remember, I am not a professional cook, I am just sharing how I make this for our family. Feel free to modify. I write recipes in the order of how I do things. This recipe makes about 10 servings. Find APPROXIMATED macros at the bottom of this recipe. This recipe makes around 10 servings unless you live with Ken Berry… then 5 servings 😂

  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  • 3 lbs. of ground meat in large glass bowl : I used 1 lb. veal, 1 lb. kobe beef, and 1 lb. ground lamb. This can be any kind of ground meat. I have used venison, cheap ground meat, grass-fed beef, lamb, and a combination of meats before. You can also throw some liver in there too without your family noticing!
  • 6 oz of grated parmesan ( you can use any cheese, this is just what we prefer, you can also leave the cheese out if you are sensitive to dairy. )
  • 1 cup of chopped onion ( you can leave onion out or use less if you are sensitive or are keeping carbs SUPER low )
  • 1 cup pork panko (you can crush up your own pork rinds to make panko or use these from amazon : )
  • 1/2 cup of coconut aminos I use Bragg’s since it’s lower carb than most ( or you can just use salt to taste for ZERO carbs)
  • 3 medium eggs (at least 3 eggs )
  • if you are wanting to make a more traditional meatloaf, primal kitchen ketchup ( ) is a great alternative to mix into the meat and put on top as well, you should probably water it down a bit as it is very thick and it will go farther ( it’s a bit pricey )
  • you could also add more seasoning if you like, I add garlic usually ( about 2 tbsp minced but to keep it lowest carbs possible, leave out )
  • mix all of these ingredients WELL using your hands and place into preferred dish ( I use this large glass casserole dish from William Sonoma : )
  • sprinkle a layer of parm on top (leave off if dairy free)
  • cover top of loaf with thin bacon strips. I used 9 pieces of Pederson’s uncured no sugar added bacon ( some people cook the bacon first and then place it on after meatloaf is done, that is totally fine, I do it this way so the bacon fat seeps down into the meat. )
  • place in oven for 1 HOUR on 400
  • after one hour place on broil at 550 for 5 min to crisp bacon.
  • When you remove loaf from oven you will see A LOT of fat, this is completely fine. You can lift the meat out easily and leave the fat if you wish or spoon it over your meat for a little extra tasty fat.

APPROXIMATED** MACROS VIA CARBMANAGER (**macros will vary depending on brand of ingredients and how big your servings are. )

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