Newborn Essentials | 13 Things I Really Use

Newborn Essentials | 13 Things I Really Use



My sweet baby boy was born Oct. 21 2019 at 12:14 P.M. after a traumatic delivery. I had planned on a full-on natural delivery at a birth center, but baby had other plans (see full birth story coming soon). I am now 2 weeks postpartum, and I wanted to give new moms a list of things I REALLY have used so they can see how much isn’t needed, and maybe see some things they would have never thought about needing. If this sounds helpful to you or someone you know, please feel free to SHARE this on Facebook or Pinterest!! 

  1. Colace :                                                         I took a Colace everyday. It’s a stool softener. It doesn’t work as a laxative it just makes it easier to go when you need to go. You can get this as a prescription or over the counter at any drug store. This is especially helpful if you have an episiotomy or a tear as I did. ( I had a 2nd degree sulcus and and vaginal wall tear as well)
  2. Nipple Cream : Boobease           Mother Love I used both of these brands and liked them both equally. I started using them the minute I had any dryness or irritation to my nipples. I have no bleeding or blisters since using these. I use them every other feed. I keep one in the living room and one in my nursing area.
  3. The Frida Mom Peri Bottle :            They will give you a peri bottle at the hospital but this one works so much better because of how the water shoots up without you having to be off the toilet. It’s like a hand held bidet. Great for when you are going to the bathroom, especially if you have a tear or stitches.  .

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4. Boppy :

I used this a lot, although not for what it is intended for. I have yet to use this while breastfeeding, however, I have used it daily as a donut type pillow to sit on to keep from having pressure put on my perineal area. I have been in a horrible amount of pain and ended up needing to call my midwife for actual pain meds. I tried to just use Ibuprofen but by a week out I was in tears and just couldn’t take it anymore. This did help a lot though. I would lay a heating pad on top on a low setting and then sit on it while I was holding and feeding baby. I also traveled to doctors appointments with it. It was the only way I could make it sitting in the car for more than 10 minutes.  So whether or not you use it for breastfeeding, this was ( and still is ) an invaluable tool to help with pain.

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 11.35.31 AM

 5.  Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light :

This came in handy during night feeds when I needed light but didn’t want to turn on a big light and wake baby up completely. It is super easy to use and hook up to the app on your phone. There are different sounds and you can customize the colors. We keep ours on red as to not interfere with the baby’s circadian rhythm. You can also increase the brightness and loudness on the app as well. This was given to us as a gift and we absolutely love it!

6. Hatch Baby Grow Scale and Changing Pad :

This was also a gift! When I first saw this it felt like a luxury baby item but Baby Berry was jaundiced in the first week and being able to weigh him really came in handy. It’s also great since he is exclusively breastfed for us to keep up with his weight gain which is very important.  It also links up to an app on your phone. The set up is super easy. The app also has a place to keep up with dirty and wet diapers as well as a breastfeeding timer.

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 11.49.39 AM

7.  The WubbaNub :

This wasn’t on my original list… we were going to stay away from any pacifiers. But, we were given this as a gift and THANK GOD! This came in handy when baby was having to have his little heel stuck multiple times to check his bilirubin levels. It also is great at night when he has gas and can’t nurse but needs to suck. We don’t use it a lot but it has for SURE come in handy. He only uses this kind and loves it so much. I don’t encourage people to use these constantly because there is some research that shows that it keeps them from developing their face bones and muscles. But using it tactically has been a life saver.

8. Ice Packs :

You can make your own but these are amazing!  And literally all you have to do is pop them and put them in your mesh underwear ( or depends ) also I add tucks pads  ( ) to the top and then spray on Dermaplast ( )

9. Boppy Lounger :

I didn’t expect to use this… I use it everyday! This was another sweet gift. Every morning we get up and have a nursing session, then I set baby in his lounger and we play music and sing and also read a book. He loves sitting up in it and looking around at me and the puppies. It’s really handy when I am getting ready, he just sits and watches me do my hair and makeup. Know that I realize I have a really good baby that will chill out for 30 minutes while I get dressed lol.

10. Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier :

I knew before I ever had a baby that I wanted to do baby carrying. I didn’t realize just how many different kinds of carriers there were. I was so impressed when I tried the baby K’tan. No complicated tying, just put it over your head similar to a t-shirt. It only took a few times of me using this to get the hang of it and baby loves it. He sleeps like a champ anytime we go out. I would recommend sizing down. You want it to be very snug. I originally got a small and ended up needed and XS and maybe even an XXS. There are so many colors and patterns. I have 3 of these now and probably won’t use any other brand.


Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 12.12.03 PM

11. Motherhood Maternity Nursing Tank Top :

I have one of these in every color. They are simple to use and wash well. I like to pair them with sweaters or even button up plaid shirts. These are great for nursing in public as they only expose a small part of you that baby’s head will cover while feeding. It is easy to unsnap and easy to snap back together as well. I have some other ones that are cuter but they didn’t work well at all! Keep is simple when it comes to these types of tank tops. I don’t even wear a bra with these, but I do have a few that are made very similar to the tank top.


Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 12.21.19 PM

12.  Nursing Bra :

This is made almost exactly like the tank top. Super comfy and easy to use. Also NO UNDERWIRE!! DO NOT get a nursing bra with underwire in it. Target also has a good nursing bra :

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 12.27.04 PM

13 Hydroflask :

Not just for VSCO girls LOL! I absolutely LOVE this thing. I use it so much more than I ever imagined, especially now that I am breastfeeding. I drink a least a gallon of water a day and this makes it so easy to make sure I have fresh, cold water. Also, make sure you get the straw top so you can drink one handed, makes a big difference at 3 am when you are half asleep with a baby on your boob.


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