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Keto Caramel Candy | The Ketonist

I’m so thankful that Kim Howerton made this recipe!!!! IngredientsCaramel-1/2 c Butter (I use Salted!)2 T Swerve Brown Sugar (can use more if like sweeter!)1/2 to 1 cup Heavy Whipping CreamOptional: Pinch Salt (I use Redmonds!) For TurtlesCaramel (above)2 oz Keto Friendly or Unsweetened Chocolate1-2 T Butter4-8 oz Pecans (roasted tastes best!)Optional: Large Salt for sprinkling over top For Black Walnut FudgeCaramel (above) 4-8 oz Chopped Black Walnuts (or nut of choice)Optional: Large Salt for sprinkling over top Make the Caramel:Melt the butter in a medium saucepan on medium heat and cook, until browned. It’ll froth, so stir or shake to...

Face It

Lets talk make-up. So I may or may not be a little addicted, and I may or may not have...