Perfect Keto | Berry Method Keto

Perfect Keto | Berry Method Keto

  • Do the best you can today, and then do that again tomorrow. – Grassfed/Grain-finished/hotdogs = better than chicken nuggets from McCrappy
  • -keto approved real ingredients snacks made either at home or in a package=better than a snickers bar or bag of chips
  • -cheap butter/grassfeed butter = better than country crock of crap
  • -cheap egg/pastrued eggs/cage free eggs = better than an egg mcmuffin
  • -chaffle/keto waffle/90 second bread = better than wheat bread-fat head pizza = better than dominos
  • HOW YOU EAT WILL CHANGE AS YOU CONTINUE WITH THIS WAY OF EATING. That is what BERRY METHOD KETO [ BMK ] means. The first step is to START, then sustain, then clean it up, and modify as your body needs. If you have chronic inflammation, metabolic disease, auto immune disease etc, eventually you will find that the cleaner you eat the better you feel. Some of you will go carnivore, some of you will not. It is NOT one size fits all as I have said about A MILLION TIMES. As long as you are getting the results you want, you are doing ok. We recommend ONLY eating things that are actually keto ingredients (no wheat, no grains, no seed oils NO SUGAR) and keeping TOTAL CARBS under 20. 1:1 fat to protein ration – bacon, eggs cooked in butter or lard, fatty brisket, fatty ribs, fatty steak etc. Quality Salt and plenty of electrolytes. You are the master of your ship. Do your own research on YOU. Most people will do best on meat heavy keto and animal fats.
  • People Keto Diffferntly : for example Ken eats Carnivore and no products. I eat meat heavy keto and occasional products (bc it doesn’t kill my keto – I have been very successful as many have while eating this way and using products to succeed.) I do feel much better when I don’t eat any sweets, for sure, but with breastfeeding I have had way more cravings than before. I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and feel amazing 3 months out from delivery. Will I stop the use of products? Absolutely – I am in a transition period that hopefully will be over very soon.
  • YOU DO NOT NEED EXPENSIVE PRODUCTS to succeed, but some people may find them helpful during times of stress! Especially for those who may have a sweet tooth, these can be used as a tool to learn to not go back to the cookies cakes and candy of the SAD, they can have something that doesn’t wreck their progress. If you follow BMK (meaning you start to cut the sweeteners, nut flours, etc out of your keto) you will find that most of you will want these keto treats less and less because cleaning up your keto and especially carnivore helps kick cravings. There are many who have done this way of eating and have a Diet Coke everyday. Is that optimum, probably not but if they have perfect labs and have lost 100 lbs, I’m not going to say crap to that person. Knowledge is where it’s at. Know that products aren’t better than real Whole Foods, but they ARE better than the Standard Diet alternative to get you through the transitions of BMK. The dogma that has become attached to Keto is unsettling and will turn people who need keto away because of the absoluteness that people are throwing around. If you are new to this way of eating know that 99.9999% of people came to this way of eating gradually. Most started with Low Carb, dirty keto, lazy keto, and worked their way to an optimum Proper Human Diet way of eating. Fat bombs were used by most in the beginning and as each person becomes fat adapted, the need for those goes away. Keto coffee isn’t for everyone and it certainly isn’t a base component of this way of eating. Not everyone will be able to fast until they are well into their keto journey, but eventually most will be able to at least intermittent fast with ease. IT IS A PROCESS.

The point is, humans aren’t perfect and to expect that from yourself or a stranger you don’t know is a recipe for disaster, or even an excuse to quit. Just because I don’t believe in crappy products being necessary to do this way of eating, doesn’t mean that I don’t think there is a place for them in the transition from SAD to BMK or just Keto or even carnivore.

Stop the dogma.

STOP acting perfect.

Start sharing your success story.

Enjoy your health that will come to you along the way.

Thanks for reading! I hope you got something from this post. Leave a comment below if you have followed the Berry Method and started with products but have now completely moved away from them and are eating super clean! Share your success and how your journey to the cleanest form of the Proper Human Diet has helped your health.

Love you, mean it


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