Pumpkin Everything – DIY Glam Pumpkins

Autumn 🍂  


Welcome to Autumn!!! My favorite season, when the world is full of pumpkin scented everything, lots of yummy warm colors and the air is cool and crisp. Wait…. is it autumn? Because other than the pumpkins, nothing has changed from June. I am sweating!!! It’s 87 and humid right now and I need my shorts and sandals to go to the pumpkin patch. So no cute pics of my fall outfit for this post which is really annoying. But that isn’t keeping me from trying very hard to get into the season despite the sweat dripping down my neck while I paint my pumpkins and listen to Thriller. This year I decided I was going to go with a glam pumpkin style and use metallics and sparkle paint. It turned out really well!!


I used metallic spray paint to make the gold pumpkins, and just your regular squeeze bottle paint from the arts department at the Wal-Mart for the silver dots. I am not good at painting so I cheated and bought the little sponges that are dot shaped and just dipped and stamped. They came in a package of 10 in assorted sizes for about $3 and made me look super crafty while being easy as pie. Look at those instant perfect polkadots. To make sure I got gold all over the pumpkin I sat them on a cooling rack over our fire pit. We love spending time together decorating and just hanging out.  Its become a tradition even though we don’t really do it on purpose and this year I actually liked the outcome of my pumpkins. Usually Morgan is showing me up so much I just give up and throw mine in the ditch. But don’t get me wrong, she still showed me up. Talented lil turd that she is.


Just like every other year, we got our gorgeous lot of pumpkins from the local peeps just down the road. They always have a  huge selection of pumpkins and mums which I also purchased. YAY!


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