What We Ate at Restoration Hardware Cafe | Keto

What We Ate at Restoration Hardware Cafe | Keto


**disclaimer : We do dirty keto, clean keto, cheap keto, pricey keto, and all keto’s in between.  There is not ONE KETO to Rule Them All… This is not Lord of the Keto. Ok? Right, so I hope you will enjoy this blog!! Love you mean it!!

Since the beginning of our relationship, my husband and I have been in love with Restoration Hardware. We only had the small store in the Green Hills Mall in Nashville but we loved to dream of the day when we could afford to buy a coaster from there. In fact, our first official date was to the Frist Museum, and Green Hills where we ate at Cheesecake Factory and talked about how we were just going to be friends…. ha ha. Our dates haven’t change that much, we still always go to Green Hills all the time. At one point my phone added it as a work place because I was there so often. The few things that have changed is that we are now keto, and Restoration Hardware has one of the most beautiful flag ship stores in beautiful Nashville. Gone is the tiny version and in it’s place is this gorgeous enchanting four story mansion that happens to include an amazing cafe. We obviously are obsessed with it and now frequent it instead of The Cheesecake Factory.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.27.15 PM.pngimage from : https://www.restorationhardware.com/content/category.jsp?context=Nashville


They do not take reservations, it is first come first serve. However, after you put your name on the list they ask for your cell number. You are free to get a drink at the bar and walk around the mall or explore the RH store. The bar serves an assortment of teas, coffees, wines and beer. I had a beautiful rosé as I was celebrating this day. 


The Menu




Our appetizer usually includes a side of bacon which RH so lovingly put on the menu. This bacon is more like pork belly than bacon and is so tender it melts in your mouth. 

**caution** I am fairly sure that their bacon is sugar cured and it does have a sweet taste to it so if you are not into dirty keto or just are seriously cutting out and form of sugar at all times then I would stay away from it. If you are celebrating and having yourself a treat as we were on this day, then you will not be disappointed. It is to die for. 

Look how big the bacon is in comparison to Dr. Berry’s hands. It’s thick bacon. Also, no we did not eat that Texas toast !


We also ordered the smoked salmon. It comes with capers vinegar marinated onions and cream cheese. I don’t really like salmon but I ate A LOT of this. I was the perfect thickness and not super fishy. It was perfect when paired with the onions capers and cream cheese. So yummy!!!!!!!!


main course.



We ordered the Steak Frites, which is a perfectly marbles ribeye seasoned with salt pepper and garlic. It’s served with garlic aioli which is house made and oh so delicious. Again, the waiter I am sure would be happy to tell you how they make it if you are someone who is not ok with dirty keto. Dr. Berry and I always get out steaks cooked rare.



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I hope you enjoyed this “what we ate” blog! A lot of you ask what we eat and this was pretty fun to show you. Thank you all for reading! If you liked this please leave a comment and share with friends who might be coming to Nashville. I highly recommend going here and all of the Green Hills area. It’s our favorite part of Nashville and I am happy I got to share a little piece of it with you.

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