Summer to Fall Style Guide | FALL 2018

Summer to Fall Style Guide | FALL 2018


Yes, I know that it’s only August, but in just a few days it will be September. And on September 21st when the clock strikes midnight it will be FALL!!! So, let’s begin the celebration! I live in Tennessee where the humidity stay at 10000% and it doesn’t cool down till late October but that doesn’t mean that I won’t start bringing out the fall stuff even with the heat. Here are a few tips to start your fall transition even if it’s boiling outside.


You can start to bring in the fall feel to your wardrobe with what colors you wear. I love dark green, maroon and of course, BLACK. Also grey and camel are great and very on trend as well.


shop the look :

Skirts :

I absolutely love skirts! You can dress them up or dress them down. There are so many colors and textures – I have several suede ones and I am currently on the look out for a good denim one.


Working in suede or leather is a great way to move into the fall season, you can use it in you accessories like bags or shoes. I love these open toe booties by Kristen Cavallari – super comfy too for the heel height. The leather necklace could be wrapped around and made to be a choker or you can keep it long like I did.


Accessories :

Adding in some cool layers will definitely up your look and give you that fall flair along with just making you look well put together. Leather necklaces, or bracelets are great as well. I love putting vests over simple basics – it’s one of the easiest ways to change the entire feel of an outfit.


Literally the easiest way to add a bit of fall to any outfit is to throw on a denim jacket. They are generally pretty lightweight and can really make a more dressy outfit seem more casual. You can find them everywhere! I love pairing them with dresses.



Throw one of these on and you are instantly on trend and usually pretty comfy as well. I love tying them around my waist. You can get them in every color you can imagine. They sell them everywhere – you can easily find these at Target & Wal-Mart.


Okay! Well there ya go – just a few options to get you going into the almost Fall season.

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