2019 | Make it the Best Year Ever

2019 | Make it the Best Year Ever


And just like that Christmas was over. Like some of you, I am spending those weird few days between Christmas and New Years planning out my year and writing down some goals I want to hit in 2019. I stopped making resolutions years ago… I didn’t like how it put pressure on the New Year right off the bat. Goals are more attainable and carry less stress. I also feel like they have a more positive connotation than “resolutions”.

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Setting Goals : 

I encourage you to sit down and make a list of attainable goals for yourself. Make sure you write goals appropriately. Most people just say things like “I will lose 20 pounds, or I will go on a diet and stick to it or I will work out everyday.” These types of goals are hard to reach. Just like a sentence, a goal needs to have certain parts to make it complete. Some people refer the this as writing S.M.A.R.T. goals. Meaning the goals should be :

  • Specific.
  • Measurable.
  • Attainable.
  • Relevant.
  • Time Bound.

Here are 2 examples of my 2019 goals.

SHORT TERM Goal for January WEEK ONE : I will have 1 new Lifestyle video up on YouTube by January 6 2019.

LONG TERM Goal for 2019 : I will have 50k Subscribers on my YouTube Channel by July 31 2019.

Of course these goals can be both personal and professional! I personally like to write down short term goals as well as long term goals. That way I can feel the euphoric feeling of attaining a goal which makes me more likely to continue to try and reach the bigger long term goals. If all of your goals are too big or too long term you are much less likely to reach them. Read more in the article I have linked below.

3. Use dopamine to your advantage. 

When we get something we want—a promotion, an ice cream cone, or a kiss from a loved one—our brain releases dopamine. This chemical is often known as the “feel good” neurotransmitter because it does just that—it makes us feel good.  

It’s possible to manipulate your dopamine levels by setting small goals and then accomplishing them. For instance, your brain may receive a spike in dopamine if you promise yourself that you’ll clean out the refrigerator, and then you do. This is one reason people benefit from to-do lists: The satisfaction of ticking off a small task is linked with a flood of dopamine. Each time your brain gets a whiff of this rewarding neurotransmitter, it will want you to repeat the associated behavior. This is why drugs that manipulate the dopamine system are so dangerously addictive and why so many people repeatedly play the lottery. 

The next time you want to accomplish a big goal, try to break it down into bite-sized, dopamine-friendly pieces. If you want to go to the gym every day, check off each successful visit on a calendar. If you want to write a novel, make a deal with yourself to write for just 15 minutes every day. 

Use a Planner : 


Notice I said USE a planner, not buy a planner… I don’t know how many times I have went out and got the cutest planner and then left it sitting blank on my desk the entire year. That is something I am changing this year. Although I think you can do well with any planner from Target, this year I chose to invest in an Emily Ley Simplified Planner. My girlfriend Angela had been raving about hers when we were on our beach retreat this year so I went ahead and got the 2019 Calendar in August. It has been sitting on my desk looking very cute ever since. Not only has it looked cute, it has also already been used! HUZZAH!!! I always wanted a planner like the ones you see on Pinterest. The ones with the pretty handwriting and cute doodles. I myself am actually to busy to doodle and have mediocre handwriting, so I bought the cutest sticker sheets off amazon ( find them here : https://www.amazon.com/shop/neishalovesit?listId=2SHASBMJU3KFS ) they look just as adorable as those hand drawn doodles and take no time at all! There are all kinds, even themed ones. Lots of Boss Babe stuff which is what we are right ladies? Right.


Each Sunday I will be sitting down with a cup of tea and my planner to plot out my week. Adding appointments, goals, and of course the cute stickers to make it more fun. The Emily Lay planner ( find it here : https://rstyle.me/n/ddzgbichtx7 ).  not only has a monthly calendar but also a daily calendar for those of us with more than one thing a day to do. It gives you a spot for each hour of the day from 6am to 9 pm as well as a spot for a To Do list and a place for notes. On each Sunday there is check off list that has a few pre-made tasks as well as a place for you to add your own. It also has a little area to write down a happy memory from the week which I thought was just super cool. It’s like a diary and a planner all in one.  Like I said, you can do all these things with a planner from Target but so far I am really enjoy this one from Emily Ley who is of course, a fellow Boss Babe. #girlpower

Meditations : 

Now I know what  most of you are thinking… meditation is so Woo-Woo. And it can be if you want it to be, but it can also be perfectly normal everyday people style. It also probably isn’t what you think. Meditation has often been made out to be quite complicated and hard! It’s really not. It’s quite simple and is used by almost ALL the super successful people in the world. It’s like a best kept secret. You don’t even have to do it for a long time, that’s a myth. You can reap the benefits from mediating only 10 minutes a day.  I have linked a great video below that covers some basics of meditation.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wirV265ZYSw&w=560&h=315]

Wake UP : 

This past year I did pretty well on getting up by a certain time but I would like to start getting up earlier. I am trying to get my body in sync with the rising and setting of the sun. In the past I have always felt so much better if I got up with the sun but with all these hormones I’ve been on, all I want to do is sleep! On the days I have gotten up early I have felt better for it, but it’s the getting up that has been a problem.

Stick to a Schedule : 

Making sure to get things done when working from home is harder than you would think. Making sure I don’t sit and scroll for too long or get caught up in reading other peoples blog while I need to be working on my own or making a video. The temptation to sit on the couch with the puppies is real. Setting work hours will help me stay task driven as well as making sure to stay on schedule with my planner. I have also changed to a desktop computer instead of a laptop which makes me sit at a desk and not a couch. Surprisingly this really helps with productivity.

Lets do this 2019!!!

So those are the things I am changing to make sure I hit my goals this year! I hope you enjoyed this blog and I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

What are you changing in your daily life to make 2019 the best year ever?   Leave you goals in the comments!!

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