Top 10 Baby Products [Newborn – 4 Mo] and some for Mommy

Top 10 Baby Products [Newborn – 4 Mo] and some for Mommy

Hey ya’ll! This is a highly requested blog post and I wanted to make sure I did it right. These are all things either Beckett or I have used and loved. I hope you find this list helpful. To shop just click on any of the links of scroll to the bottom to find the full list with pictures and click on the pic. ENJOY!!

1.Boppy Lounger :

We used this SO much in the first few months, especially since I had an injury from delivery. It gave me a way to spend time with him and interact without having to lift and hold him. I could also sit him in it when I needed to change positions, which I couldn’t do while holding him because of my injury. We still use this for when I am in the shower or getting ready. He loves it! I never used the regular boppy for breast feeding, although I did use it to sit on to give my bottom a rest.

2. Breastfeeding Tanks :

I loved these tanks from Target. I wore them in the hospital and I still wear them now. They are super comfy and very easy to use for new moms. I wear them underneath my regular clothes in case I need to feed in public they are very discreet without having to use a cover which we don’t always do. They come in many colors. Also, the hydroflask was a NEED bc I was drinking about 3 liters of water during the day and another during the night. Make sure you get one with the straw lid!!

3. Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier :

These helped us so much in the beginning. I was able to get out of the house without him even knowing it. He loved being in this wrap. It is super easy to use and doesn’t involve any fancy tying methods. (watch my tutorial below) It also comes in the cutest colors and prints! I recommend sizing down from what you think you may need or going on their website and looking at the size guide. I was wearing a small but I probably should have went with a XS.

4. Lots and LOTS of muslin blankets :

These are great for the hospital as well as when you get home. We went though about 6-10 of these a day between him peeing on them or my getting milk all over them. They are also great for swaddling if you want to do that. Beckett wasn’t into being swaddled after about 2 weeks old. We still use them just not as much.

5. Bath Time Flower :

This was perfect for the first baths. You aren’t supposed to get the bellybutton submerged while it’s drying out so this was great to put in the sink. I could let the water run over him and keep him warm and comfy. It’s also just really cute. We also had several baby bath towels with hoods and gentle baby bathwash.


We really love the Burts Bee’s zip onesies, they are a little pricey but the quality is so good and the material is the softest. Beck was long and skinny and these fit him so well.

7. Milk Snob Carseat/Breastfeeding cover :

This is such an amazing product. It’s great for keeping people from touching your baby while they are in their infant carrier and it’s also the only breastfeeding cover I use. Super easy to throw over my head and I can still see what I am doing and not sweat my butt off.

8. Hatch Nightlight/Sound-machine :

This was such a wonderful help during late night feedings. You can customize the color, brightness, and sound using the app on your phone. It also shows your what time it is so you know just how much sleep you aren’t getting…. hehe

9. The Doona Stroller/Carseat :

We originally had an UppaBaby which I loved but I wanted a stroller too. We do so much traveling that it made since to get the Doona and I am so glad we did. We recently had our first flight with Beck and getting through security and on and off the plane with this was a breeze! We took it on the plane and put it in the window seat and he just chilled like he would in the car. When we got off, we just dropped the wheels and went about our trip. It’s also so super easy to instal without the base which was a big deal since we UBER on our trips. We now use this more than the Uppa.

10. Pumps and Bottles :

We are trying to get away from using too much plastic, especially with the baby so we went with the Avent bottles and hoped he would take them. He did! We started him on breastmilk in bottles around 3 weeks at the advice of our lactation consultant. He did very well and still does.

The Medela Manual has worked better for me than any of the electric ones but I am still open to trying out others. I pump into the plastic and store in the glass Avent bottles.

The Haakaa works great if used properly. I usually caught about 3 oz with it while nursing him on the opposite breast. Sometimes I would use it on one breast while I use the electric pump on the other.

Any pumping really needs to be started early on with breastfeeding to establish a surplus of supply.

Ok ya’ll, that’s it for this post. I will do one for each new phase so the next one will be 4-6 months probably. I hope you enjoyed this!! Thanks so much for reading. What were you favorite items for 0-4 mo?

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