TOP 5 Sweaters from Express 50% off Sale

50 % OFF???? Ok… lets do this


So I made a post yesterday on FB about this cute shirt that I’m totally in love with and this morning I wake up to an email that ALL SWEATERS ARE 50% OFF (including this one) today from EXPRESS!!!! AHHHH!! So, I thought I would make a little list of all the ones I plan to order today.

#1 : FullSizeRender-20096_08379557_0778_b10

I got this after I had the moon phase tattoo on my spine done. You don’t get a spine tattoo and cover it up. This shirt is soooooo soft, it’s a little transparent so I wear an open back bodysuit from Forever 21 with mine (find one here). I like to tuck mine into the front of my jeans with a belt that I couldn’t find the day I wore this outfit, but I found this super cute one from Express and ordered it last week. I love the Gucci belt but I’m not paying that much money for a belt. This one is similar is style and much more affordable.

#2 0096_08260024_1941_f071

I don’t really wear a lot of hot pink but this sweater just looks sooooo damn cozy. A big cowl neck paired with skinny jeans and heels is always a winning look for me.



I love the arm detail on this, I think it gives it such a good little touch of extra so it’s not just another sweater.  It’s got just enough character but not too much. I think this would look really good with black jeans and ankle boots.

#4  0096_08379910_0778_f34.jpeg

Do you have enough cold shoulder shirts? No. The answer is always no. I have been rocking the cold shoulder look since Flash Dance first became one of my fave movies when I was like 5. I cut the necks out of literally every sweatshirt I own and stretch the necks out of things to make them cold shoulder. Those days are over now since it has become one of the biggest trends of the last few years. I love this color and the sleeve detail which is also a huge trend this year. And with 50% OFF who can even argue that this isn’t Turkey Day worthy??? Ripped jeans and ankle boots and your look is complete.

#5 0096_08269688_0519_b050096_08269688_0001_b77

This may be my favorite on the list…. its only 40% off but I felt it was cute enough to warrant being on here since its still under $40. It comes in white too. I don’t know why exactly but I just love this shirt!!

OK!!!! Thanks so much for checking out this blog post!  I hope you enjoyed it! If you did, please share it with your friends. I will be doing more and more of these as the holidays approach! Happy Shopping!!



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