5 Keto Products Worth Your Money |Quality Ingredients

5 Keto Products Worth Your Money |Quality Ingredients
As you all know, we attended Keto Con this month. We had such an amazing time and met some amazing people! We also were able to test some products that we have been hearing about. Some things we hated – and felt like the people were just cashing in on those of us doing the keto way of eating. But there were a select few that we felt were quality products that some of you would truly enjoy, or could use as transitional tools. Some of these should not be eaten every day of course, you should always focus on real whole foods for most days. However – we all know that some days you are just in a rush or you need something to tame the crave monster. I hope you enjoy this list and share it with others in your keto fam!


These keto cookies have a wonderful soft, fresh-made feel to them along with a texture similar to the cookies most people enjoy. They don’t have the overly coconut flavor that some baked-goods products have either. The chocolate chips are Lilly’s so you know what you are getting there. Along with being tasty you can pronounce all the ingredients! Like I said above, these are not something that you should eat everyday but they are a great treat or even a good transition snack for those of you who are still in the first few months of Keto and are still having a hard time with the cravings. I also think they would be a great replacement for your children who are still wanting all those sweets. You don’t have to tell them they are healthy and I bet they won’t be able to tell. Unwrap them, put them in a cookie jar and watch them disappear!


They have other flavors as well, but these are my favorites. They will soon have a lemon cookie that we were able to test and it’s amazing as well, but at this time is unavailable. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram I will be posting when it becomes available.




Before Keto Con I had never tried Zevia and I was extremely skeptical. I went the first day and a half without trying any of their products until my girl Kim Howerton told me to just go over there! So I did… and they had an energy drink!!! I use to be a Redbull addict when I was in nursing school so this was right up my alley. I gave it a try and to my surprise I was impressed. It does have that stevia after taste which is just almost impossible to get away from. So when I got home I ordered a case and added a squeeze from a small wedge of fresh lime to it and wah-lah!!! It made it even better! Also be prepared for every single flavor to be clear! Kind of a shock when I bought my dad the Dr. Zevia (made to imitate Dr. P I’m assuming) but the smell and taste is pretty spot on. If you are a visual person just keep it in the can LOL.  They offer caffeine free versions as well.

They also have mixers for alcoholic drinks now as well – like TONIC!!! We love Gin & Tonic so this was pretty exciting.

raspberry lime energy zevia : https://amzn.to/2tBWXUb

dr. zevia : https://amzn.to/2N8Ssc4

tonic : https://amzn.to/2N9Nagn

assorted flavors : https://amzn.to/2Ku2q9h

3. Easy to Tote Snacks : Epic Meat Bars

I went to the EPIC booth and accidentally tried everything because all of it was good. It’s a travelers dream. I bought several on the spot to throw in my carry-on and now I keep them in my car, purse, and nurses bag for quick on the go protein snacks. Dr. Berry was big fan of the venison treats so I got him a few too. They have Venison, Uncured Bacon, Bison, Chicken, Beef,  Turkey, Lamb, Salmon, and Wild Boar along with an assortment of other products check out their website HERE :  https://epicbar.com/bars-overview

I can’t get enough of the chicken and the venison. Most of the meat is grass-fed for those of you who are into that.

They also have pork rinds and cracklins 

4.Bread!!! : well, kinda

I loooooooove these. Who misses bagels?? I did but I don’t have to anymore because of THESE! They aren’t 100%  exactly like a bagel  (surprise, because they aren’t a real bagel )  but they are pretty damn close and I didn’t have to make them. They brown up nicely and stay soft on the inside while getting crispy on the outside. YUM. They are a little on the salty side so don’t add extra salt seasoning ( like trader Joe’s everything seasoning ) and maybe use unsalted butter or cream cheese to off-set that. Other than that, I really enjoyed these and would love to do one with avocado or bacon, or bacon and avocado. Fox Hill also makes croutons which are so good you need to portion them out or you will eat the whole bag. They would be amazing on a homemade caesar salad though. The ingredients are so good in these that you need to put them in the freezer immediately upon getting them in the mail so they don’t mold as there are no preservatives.

click here to order : http://foxhillkitchens.com/ref/61/

ingredients : Liquid Egg White, Water, Organic Coconut Flour, Almonds, Organic Psyllium Husk Powder, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Starch-free/Aluminum-free BakiNG Powder, Organic Poppy Seed, Organic Sesame Seed, Sea Salt, Yeast, Organic Minced Onion.

5. Sauces : AlternaSweets

If you ever get to go to Keto Con you will get to experience the magic that is Texas BBQ. Terry Blacks is right across the road and it serves a wonderful beef rib that is the size of my torso. No kidding… just look at it. My good friends at AlternaSweets donated a ton of their BBQ sauce so us keto folks could give it a try. When I say I ate half a bottle I am not lying. It does have a very tiny bit of black strap molasses in it but it had zero affect on me. I ate all of that and then went and blew a 17 on the LEVL ketone breath meter…. still in ketosis. It might effect you differently but it’s so good it’s worth a try. If it’s too thick or sweet for you I recommend adding a bit of vinegar and salt to it. Makes it perfect for those of us not use to the sweet taste anymore. Go HERE  you can get a discount if you enter promocode  : TEAMBERRY at check out!!


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