What’s in My Hospital Bag | From a Former L&D Nurse & Soon to Be First Time Mom

What’s in My Hospital Bag | From a Former L&D Nurse & Soon to Be First Time Mom

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It’s probably the most exciting and nerve racking time of your entire existence…. your Birth Day. I call it that because if this is your first baby… 2 people will be born on this day. A Mother, and a Child. I am 1000% sure that you have stressed about what to bring and what not to bring so I finally sat down and made a list of things that I think (as your nurse) you really need in that bag!!! I hope find this helpful! Make sure if you do like this list, to please share it with all your fellow preggers and future preggers out there! Lets get started!!!1.) Your Own Pillow:

Yes yes the hospital has pillows but I promise you they suck. They are flat and smell like Ronald Weasleys Great Aunt Tessie and many many people have used them. So… while they are great for us nurses to use for positioning you and propping up your legs, they are not so great to put your face on. Plus it just feels a little bit less like a hospital and a little more like home to have your own, which will help when your exhausted and can’t get comfortable.

2.) Your Own Blanket :

Yes again, the hospital will have blankets and during labor you should definitely use them because things will be messy. Like, really messy. BUT, if you are one of those lucky ladies who gets to come in on the night before, you will be grateful for your cozy, fluffy, smells like home blanket. Sleep is something that you won’t be getting much of once this precious screaming baby gets here so girl get you some rest… you gonna need it! After delivery you will want it back. Because sleeping is easier on that cozy blanket that smells of home. Speaking of sleep….

3.) Ear Plugs :

The hospital is a noisy place. We are open 24/7 and we never shut down or have “quiet hours”. We promise to try our best but even on a good night, doors shutting and ice makers and that chick whose water just broke in her car and isn’t gonna get an epidural just aren’t gonna be able to keep it down sometimes. So bring you some good ear plugs, they are over in the pharmacy aisle. You will thank me.

4.) Big. Huge. Extra Strength Overnight Pads

Yes the hospital will have pads. But yet again, they kinda suck. They have ZERO sticky on them and they slide around and then you get the happy surprise of blood everywhere but on that pad. Seriously, it’s so much blood. Apparently no one tells ladies that, but I’m gonna tell you. IT’S A LOT OF BLEEDING! And I’m not just talking about during birth. Like for weeks. Soooo…. gets THESE  pads & THESE panties. OR just get some depends-yes your read that right. Depends are where it’s at in those first few days. They will make your life so much easier. You seriously have enough to worry about.

5.) BLACK Yoga Pants/ Sweatpants

You just had a baby. You’re bleeding a lot. Your uterus is going to cramp like crazy, especially if you are breastfeeding. You want to be comfortable AF. Yoga pants are your friend. Your best freggin’ friend. Get them in black because then if you get blood on them it doesn’t matter and you have one less thing to worry about. You literally can get them anywhere but here are some that have great reviews for after baby. Make sure you get them a little loose.

 7.) Chapstick :

Unless you are doing a home birth you will only be able to eat ice chips. Your mouth will be dry and once you start pushing and huffing and puffing your lips will be dry too. I personally find that AQUAPHOR  works miracles for lips but obviously you can use your favorite.

8.) Hair Bands and Bobby Pins :

You will lose the one in your hair and you will lose the one on your arm. Just bring extra. Trust me.

9.) Mints Gum or Hard Candy :

Most places will let you chew gum or suck on some candy if you get dry mouth or heaven forbid you have a bit of vomiting which is not unusual with women who are in active labor, especially when it gets close to push time. It’s good to have some handy just in case.

10.). Boppy :

If you didn’t put one of these on your wish list, go get one HERE. If you’re going to breastfeed or even if you’re not going to breastfeed, these will come in handy when it comes time to chill out snuggle with that cutie.

11.) Lots of Onesies!!!!

I’m not exaggerating, bring a lot. Along with your “baby’s first pic” and “going home” outfits, bring onesies. This newborn is going to spit up. A LOT. You’re going to want some back-ups for this kid so all those pics you’re gonna want to post on facebook don’t have spit up stains as the star of the show.

12.) A Diffuser & Essential Oils :

Yes, I believe in oils. I don’t know why they work, I just know that every woman who has been my patient that brought oils and a diffuser… had a really really really amazing delivery and usually without pain meds.  Also, literally all of them used Young Living. So help me if I’m lying I’m dying. They are the best and that’s just a fact. If you are into that or are wanting to be into that click HERE .

I recommend the Starter Kit with the HOME diffuser because it’s the easiest to use and the easiest to clean PLUS it’s a humidifier & it’s the cheapest. I think it’s the most bang for your buck because it comes with 11 oils too.

I hope you have found this list helpful! Make sure to share on FB and tag all your friends who are Moms to be!!
If you have any questions feel free to email me at : neishalovesit@gmail.com

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